The Team



Andy Lulka

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Andrea (Andy) Lulka’s passion for Montessori philosophy stems from her childhood experiences in a Montessori school and home as well as her experience as a Montessori parent. As a teenager transitioning to mainstream education, she started speaking publicly about Montessori and writing for Montessori publications, both of which she continues to do to this day. In between her childhood and professional Montessori experiences, Andy earned a BAH from Queen’s University in Communications, Culture and Society, a special field concentration of Film and Sociology, and went on to work in the corporate sector and in a variety of roles in small businesses. An AMS certified 3-6 guide working towards 12-18 certification through CMStep, Andy also holds an M.Ed. in Integrative Learning from TIES at Endicott College with a focus on Montessori for early adolescence.

She has been a lead Casa and Middle School teacher, a music teacher and volunteer for Toddler through Upper Elementary and a communications and admissions coordinator. Andy developed and implemented an entire middle school program, and has written a Montessori Overview course in use at several teacher education programs. Andy is widely known and deeply respected for her ability to articulate the nuances of Montessori practice and the inner preparation of the teacher. Countless Montessorians around the globe value her mentorship.

Beth Tracy

Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Beth Tracy Kaliski is currently a Head Teacher at the Xavier University Montessori Lab School and a Teaching Professor in the Xavier Montessori Teacher Training program. Beth holds MACTE certification for Early Childhood, received her Master’s in Elementary Montessori, and is also a graduate of an IMSLEC certified Orton Gillingham program. Beth has her State of Ohio PreK-3 teaching license with a K-12 reading specialist endorsement as well. Beth has been a Montessori teacher for over 30 years and during that time has been a program coordinator, head teacher, and has developed and facilitated summer programs to support the school year programs at a previous school.

Beth is passionate about literacy, and is also an Orton Gillingham tutor and teaches a course at the university on Phonics and Orton Gillingham. In her role at Xavier, Beth is in the classroom daily and also works with adult learners in the Montessori environment. In her spare time, Beth can be found at the pottery studio “throwing mud”, taking walks, and always dreaming about the next beach vacation.